Management and Key Staff

Ben has been working in nuclear safety and risk management since 1999.
Prior to the set-up of 3TSC in 2008, he worked in a number of safety assessor roles for  consultancy companies within the UK nuclear industry. He has experience with a wide variety of clients with particular technical expertise in Sellafield Ltd safety case methodologies.
Ben is the primary contact for staff recruitment at 3TSC.

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Jon has over 20 years experience of working in nuclear safety, including extensive experience in the successful management of major safety case projects and programmes, and he has implemented projects for a wide variety of nuclear industry clients.

Prior to becoming a director at 3TSC in 2009, Jon was a principle consultant at Serco Assurance, where he managed a number of projects and staff.

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Adam is a chartered chemical engineer with an MSc in Safety and Loss Prevention and has more than 20 years experience in safety and risk management within the nuclear industry for a wide variety of clients on projects including new build, major modification, continued operation, waste management and decommissioning.

Adam was the Safety and Risk Department Manager at DGP/Scott Wilson prior to being part of the original set up at 3TSC in 2008. As such, he has extensive experience in the management of major safety case projects and programmes.

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Nuclear safety case consultant and company director with a BSc in Environmental Science and more than fourteen years’ experience in safety and risk management within the nuclear industry.

Significant experience of both safety case management and production across the full range of project lifecycles including new build, major modification, continued operation, waste management and decommissioning.  Experience across civil and defence sectors with recent support provided to DSRL, EDF, Magnox, Sellafield Limited and URENCO UK.

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Greg has extensive experience in safety and risk management having worked in the industry since 1998.

His experience has been gained on a variety projects from assessing concept, scheme and detailed designs through to operational and decommissioning safety cases with a variety of clients, producing documentation to the specifications and methods set out by RSRL, DSRL, BNG, UUK, MoD, Magnox and Sellafield Ltd

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Recent Projects

We provide Safety Case Management services to URENCO UK Ltd.

Two of our consultants have worked as Safety Case Production Managers for URENCO UK Ltd since 2012. One of our consultants was responsible for managing the Rafts 13 and 14 Capacity Expansion Project safety cases up to August 2012 and from August 2012 onwards responsible for managing the E23 Continued Operation Safety and Environment Report (COSER) project and a number of other projects relating to modifications to the E23 plant. Another of our consultants has been working as a Safety Case Production Manager for a number of projects (including A3 COSER and A3 modification safety cases) as well as supporting other safety cases for URENCO UK Ltd.

We have also provided additional safety case resource to URENCO UK Ltd to support these projects since November 2013.

One of our consultants is seconded to RSRL as a safety case project manager for a range of safety cases and modifications associated with ongoing operations and decommissioning projects at the Harwell and Winfrith sites (including the management of the production of the Overarching Decommissioning Safety Cases (DSCs) for the SGHWR and Dragon reactors at Winfrith).
3TSC has managed the production of the safety documentation for the Shaft and Silo retrieval
Our consultant is seconded into the SL project team providing safety case support as part of the programme of work to remediate the legacy pond storage facility. This includes external hazards and hydrogen assessments.
We currently have consultants providing safety case support to the production of modifications to the overarching DSC in support of the accelerated decommissioning programme for the SGHWR facility. This has involved the production of safety documentation in support of all categories (i.e. A to D) of modifications.
We currently have consultants embedded within the B462 safety team at Harwell who have undertaken a review of the extant RHILW and CHILW parts of the Operational Safety Case (OSC) against modern standards and its fitness for purpose and have recommended remedial action, advised on safety case strategy and process issues. Work is continuing in the production of HAZANs, Engineering Schedule and other safety documentation supporting the RHILW part of the OSC. Work on the Periodic Safety Review for the CHILW part of the OSC has recently commenced. The work involves regular discussions and interaction with operational and engineering staff and ATO holder liaison.