Safety and Risk Management

3T Safety Consultants have experience of supporting all principal UK nuclear organisations in the development of a wide variety of safety case documentation covering new facilities, continued operations, decommissioning activities and waste management facilities.

3T have significant experience in Hazard Identification techniques. We understand that Hazard Identification is a crucial stage within the development of any nuclear safety assessment and that ensuring a robust base for the subsequent hazard analyses to be undertaken is vital to the success of the assessment.

3T Safety Consultants have extensive experience in the application of various safety and risk management techniques. This experience extends across the methodologies of all principal UK nuclear organisations and is based on a thorough understanding of ONR’s Safety Assessment Principles (SAPs).

3T are experienced in provision of specialist reliability assessments to the nuclear sector in order to support the design and safety case process. These analyses can enable potential failure modes to be identified and removed early in the design lifecycle. This enables the optimisation of the system and spares holdings.

We can provide technical services on a wide variety of safety case documentation, hazard identification services, safety and risk management services and reliability analysis services.

Criticality Assessment

3T Safety Consultants have a strong and respected in-house criticality capability and can provide assessment services including: criticality HAZAN production and management, criticality calculations and criticality safety assessments.

In recognition of this expertise, 3TSC have been accepted as members of The Working Party on Criticality (WPC).  This is a non-executive national committee focussing on criticality safety issues up to, but not including, experimental and in-core power reactor operations. The issues considered are relevant to fabrication, transportation, storage and other operations relating to nuclear materials (e.g. new build, enrichment, reprocessing, decommissioning and long-term waste management). In addition to operational criticality safety issues.

The WPC provides a national forum for information sharing, ensuring learning from experience and, where necessary, providing a national position.  Current areas and items of interest include:

  • Nuclear Science;
  • Safety Methodology;
  • Decommissioning;
  • Emergency Arrangements;
  • Professional Development.

Human Factors

3T Safety Consultants key skills are integrating human factors into design projects, safety case support and ongoing human factors support to operating units.

Specialist areas of expertise include control room design, control system and interface design, alarm management, organisational factors affecting human performance, ergonomics substantiation and development of standards and operating instructions.

Peer Review Services

3T Safety Consultants can provide peer review services across the suite of modern safety case documentation including hazard identification, DBAA/PSA, reliability assessments and production of all types of safety case.


3T Safety Consultants have experience of development and delivery of training courses in our core capabilities both in-house as part of the development of our own personnel and also in support of our clients.

Environmental Assessment

3T Safety Consultants can provide environmental assessment services including Best Available Techniques (BAT) studies, consultancy support for the development of environmental management systems to meet the requirements of ISO 14001 and registers of environmental aspects and prioritisation of aspects on the basis of business drivers.

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